POS for your Made-to-Measure Business

Robust POS & Payment Processing.

Save time by combining payments and order entry into one step.

  • Collect payment with automatic tax calculation
  • Customize garments
  • Add ready-to-wear
  • Generate automatic emails to customer:
    • Sales invoice (for deposit payment)
    • Sales receipt once all funds are collected or for full payment
    • Thank you and other custom defined emails to nurture customer, provide status updates and eventually prompt for repeat orders.
  • Process garments from multiple manufacturers, plus ready-to-wear in one invoice:
    • Example: Sell one suit from Red Collar (Kutesmart), another suit from Yong Zheng, as well as shirts and custom belts from other manufacturers. Plus sell ready to wear accessories like ties, shoes, pocket squares, etc all together.




Virtual terminal for remote or in-person selling.

  • Collect deposit payment or full payment




Track accounts receivables by customer, order or date.

  • See balance due and payment and due dates.
  • Track profitability (across RTW, Custom, by customer, etc)




Collect balance due on deposit payments.

  • Track payments




Auto-generate retail price

Auto-generate retail price in shopping cart for custom garments based on markup on production costs (tailoring + fabric + shipping + factory surcharges + other extras)

  • Set how to roundup price. For example none, to the nearest dollar, up to $25, and so on.
  • Flexible controls such as define which roles (sales rep, sales manage, Admin, etc) can override calculated pricing.

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