A Passion to Simplify Custom Clothing

Selling custom clothing must be simpler, more profitable, and more scalable for all.

Our Mission

To make selling custom clothing simpler, more profitable and more scalable.




Our Vision

To make it easier for custom retailers of any size, and located anywhere in the world, to scale their business.

About Chaos

Anyone who sells custom clothing know that it is too complicated to fulfill orders.


To sell, enter and track each order until delivery is a complicated maze of disconnected systems, fax, phone, email and manual steps.


Scaling from 10, to 50, to 100+ suits per month is impossible with that approach.


Chaos replaces the disconnected systems and manual steps with one system to scale your business.

Why the name Chaos?

Our name comes from “Chaos Theory”, a branch of mathematics that studies chaos or the “Butterfly Effect” where a very small change in initial conditions can create a significantly different outcome.


Making a custom garment is governed by “chaos” and the “Butterfly Effect”.


Small variations in inputs (e.g. measurements) can lead to unexpected outcomes such as a jacket being made too short.


We created the Chaos platform to simplify this “chaos” in the custom clothing industry by, among other things, streamlining the collection and communication of inputs such as measurements.

What we value


Everything we do is focused on delivering more value for our customers than anybody else can. We ask them what is important, plus we anticipate their needs by studying the markets and deliver like our life depended on it!

– Tyrone Whittle, Founder, Chaos.




Customer Success
We help our customers exceed their own expectations. We align our activities around customer success and we grow only if our customers grow.



Think Big
We create great innovative products by getting comfortable with discomfort, taking risks, and making bold decisions even if we are sometimes wrong.



Value Focused
We focus on solving problems that achieve the highest customer value by engaging in two-way conversations to learn what is important to our customers. We never assume to know what our customers want. We ask. Then we ensure that we do not waist time on other non-value add activities.



We are confident in our own ideas while remain open to other approaches that may prove better than ours. We know that what we don’t know is vastly more than what we do know so we are always open to learn.



We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all we do.



Balanced Living
We take care of our personal health, feed our minds and have our “daily bread” in order to give good energy to the world. We strive to bring a positive mindset in all we do.



We are naturally curious and strive to understand how things work, and how to improve them to positively impact our surroundings.



We provide excellent products and unmatched service, with a focus on continuous improvement, that deliver premium value to our customers.

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