Made-to-Measure Omnichannel Sales

Create consistent experience for customers at every touchpoint -> measurements, order history, payment methods, etc.

Sell across channels and manage products, orders and data analytics/reports from one source. Provide consistent customer experience across all channels – same measurements, login, payment info, preferences, etc.



Consistent Customer Experience across touchpoints

Create consistent experience for customers at every touchpoint (in-store, remote, online, …) with realtime data sync of the following customer information:

  1. Measurements – Customer always have access to latest measurements, including with alteration adjustments.
  2. Order History – Customer sees same order history online, in store or when meeting with a sales rep in the field.
  3. Preferences – Saved preferences available across touchpoints.
  4. Payment methods – customer can shop online, in-store or with field sales rep using same payment methods on file.




Connect your website for automated fulfillment

Sell online (MTO or Custom) with automated fulfillment with your manufacturers.

Connect your website to Chaos and setup custom and/or MTO products, map measurements / standard sizes, setup workflow and Chaos routes online orders to your manufacturers, calculates CMT fabric quantities and orders fabrics.

Track orders from all manufacturers, as well as fabric orders from one interface.

  • No more rekeying of online orders into multiple manufacturer order systems.
  • No more manual fabric ordering and tracking.




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