Onboarding Guide

Retailer Account Setup and Procedures

*Onboarding process when customizations are needed*

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Retailer On-boarding Process




  • Questionnaires used to collect requirements
  • Review meeting(s) as needed to finalize
  • Chaos team prepares implementation timeline



  • Kick off call to:
    • Recap goals and establish success criteria
    • Review implementation timeline & organization
    • Setup schedule for progress calls
    • Review training and launch options



Below summarizes some customizations available. The actual list of customizations will be finalized during the planning phase.


Chaos Customizations:

  • Merchandising – Setup products, collections, style templates/models, garment defaults (e.g. jacket canvas type)
  • Sales – Select sales channels and load costs (to track profitability and to generate retail price)
  • Measurements – Edit default measurement setup example by loading your own try-on sizes.
  • Fulfillment – setup supply chain (manufacturers, fabric vendors, any special order routing rules)
  • Other – business rules, special features (e.g. in-house fabric development, custom fulfillment process)


External Systems & Integrations:

If you decide to integrate your Chaos account with external systems then our integration team handles this setup to ensure everything works smoothly.



We have a variety of ways for you and your team to learn how to use Chaos.

  • Q&A Sessions – During the project, Q&A sessions can be included in the scheduled meetings as needed.
  • Remote Training – Up to 2 group training sessions will be scheduled to ensure all your users are properly trained.
  • Online Training resources – This includes Quick Start Guide and Demo videos


Optional Add-ons:

  • On-site Go Live Support – Your Chaos onboarding project manager can visit a location designated by you to provide on-site go live support to include group training, one-on-one training, and other support. This is billed separately.



*Ongoing support is available via email, phone, in-app help, and online.

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